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How do I find the Cahill Lab?

The Cahill Lab is located on the third floor of Burk Hall in BH 319.


When is the Cahill Lab Open?

The Cahill Lab is open (Mondays-Thursday) from 2pm - 7pm & (Friday) 1pm - 5pm during the Fall and Spring Semesters. Alternate hours may be posted on our doors for holidays, breaks, and finals week.


Can I print in the Cahill Lab?

No, we do not offer any printing services in our Lab. We recommend BH 348, M-F 9:30-5pm, for the nearest printing facility.


Can I study at the Cahill Lab?

The Cahill Lab is open to all students at SFSU. When you enter, please sign in at the front desk. The lab has desks available to study, but the room is not intended as a quiet area and patrons and staff are permitted to talk.


Can I check-out materials from the Cahill Lab?

Yes! Before you can borrow books, you must fill out the form on our Registration page. Use your First and Last Name, as well as your SFSU Student ID number. Most materials at the lab are available for check-out, but some are not. Consult a Cahill Lab attendant for help. If you need to return your borrowed books and the lab is not open, there is a Book Depository in the hallway outside our doors.


Does the Cahill Lab carry Field Studies from the Graduate College of Education Department? Can I check them out?

Yes we have them, however, they are for reference only and may not leave the lab. We have the latest Field Studies within a five-year period. While you can't check them out, you can use any of our scanners to scan the pages.


How do I check out a GoPro Kit? For how long can a kit be borrowed?

To check out a GoPro kit:

1) Request a GoPro kit reservation form from the Cahill Lab.

2) Verify that you are on your professor’s class list, and if you are not, get his or her signature on the reservation form.

3) A Cahill Lab attendant can provide you with a tutorial on how to use a kit upon request.

A GoPro kit can be borrowed for up to ONE week.