picture of GoPro camera showing of the Cahill Lab

The Cahill Learning Resources and Media Lab has 12 Mac computer stations available for Credential Students and general student use. Each computer is equipped with Mac-based iMovie editing programs. Select computers have scanners and CD/DVD writers. The Lab is staffed by knowledgeable media production experts, who can aid you in editing your video and uploading it to Taskstream.

Printing is NOT available in the Cahill Lab:

We recommend students try the campus Library, or the Cesar Chavez Student Center. Scanners are available for students to scan printed material.

Video Production Equipment

All media equipment is reserved through the Cahill Media Lab. With instructor permission, students can check out the following video equipment for class projects. The Cahill Lab provides a prepared Camera Kit with basic equipment for Credential students, but additional equipment may be checked out upon request. All equipment checkout is limited to one week only.

Please note some items are for in-lab use only.


  • GoPro digital cameras
  • Tripods
  • Wireless Lavalier Microphones

Please note that Credential students have priority in checking out Camera Kits and video equipment.

Camera kit checkout forms are available at the Cahill Lab and in the links below.
Please have a faculty member sign your camera kit checkout form before coming to the lab.

Camera Kit Checkout Policy:

Cahill Lab Policies and Procedures

Credential students and all SF State students are welcomed to use the Cahill Lab. Occasionally, classes or planned group sessions may be conducted at the Cahill Lab. We may ask patrons to move to another area. EdTPA and Credential student activities have priority in the Cahill Lab.

No Food, Drinks, & Cellphones

While in the lab, no food, drinks or use of cellphones are allowed. There is a table to temporarily place your food or drink material.

Quiet Please

We ask that all patrons keep conversation at a low volume, as Cahill Lab is a library as well as a digital resource center. Noisy patrons will be asked to leave.

Forms, Guides and Instructions

We understand that meeting EdTPA videotaping requirements can be a stressful and difficult process for students who may not have experience handling recording equipment or using editing software. Our experienced staff at the Cahill Media Lab will try to assist Credential students to the best our ability. To further aid the student, we have provided a list of guides and instructions that aim to ease the process, even for total beginners. All the instructions below are only intended to function with computers and hardware equipped with the Apple MacOS, and NOT Microsoft Windows. Click on the appropriate link below to download the document.

These guides are not a substitute for visiting the Cahill Lab in person, using Cahill Lab-approved equipment, and consulting a lab representative for assistance. These guides are for your use to help you with your EdTPA videotaping project. If at any time you need assistance, please feel free to contact the Cahill Media Lab.

Camera Kit Checkout Forms (faculty must sign form):

GoPro Camera:

Video Editing:


The Cahill Lab has all the equipment and software you will need to videotape and edit your EdTPA teaching event.

Should you choose to use your own equipment (camera, iPhone, Android, tablet, etc.), please be aware that there may be limitations with your equipment and that there may be software or hardware incompatibilities with our lab equipment. We will try our best to assist you with whatever equipment you use. However, we cannot guarantee success in retrieving, converting, downloading, or editing video content from media and equipment not checked out from the Cahill Lab.

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