Additional Graduate Services

Address Change

Update your current postal address in the university MySFSU database to continue to receive important documents by post.

  • Log in to MySFSU
  • Select "Update Contact Information" under "Personal Profile" at the bottom of the MySFSU home page
  • Select "Update Mailing Address" 


Change of Graduate Program

Use the Change of Graduate Program Form if you wish to change your graduate program. For example if you are a credential program student who wishes to add the Master's program.


Petition for Reinstatement

Graduate students who have received notice of Academic Disqualification from SF State, but would like to be reinstated, must download and complete online the Petition for Reinstatement Following Disqualification form.


Leave of Absence (Educational or Health-related)

Use the Leave of Absence form to avoid losing your student status if you must take a leave of absence from your degree program for educational or health-related issues.


Petition for Withdrawal

Use the Petition for Withdrawal Form to withdraw from a course that you are currently enrolled in and have a "W" appear on all official transcripts.


Petition for Retroactive Withdrawal

Use the Petition for Retroactive Withdrawal to withdraw from a past course and have a "W" appear on all official transcripts.


Petition for Waiver of College Regulations

Use the Petition for Waiver of College Regulations to petition for exceptions to enrollment policies and procedures


Petition for Course by Independent Study

Use the Petition for Course by Independent Study to request to enroll in an 699 or 899 Independent Study course.