Communicative Disorders (CD)

Gloria Soto

Dr. Gloria Soto is a Professor in the Department of Special Education. She teaches graduate coursework in special education, cultural diversity, augmentative communication and curriculum-based language and communication intervention.

Teresa Gray

Dr. Teresa Gray is an Assistant Professor in the Communicative Disorders Program.  Her expertise is in the areas of aphasia, traumatic brain injury, and bilingualism. She supervises on- and off-campus adult neurogenic clinics and teaches the graduate level seminars on adult language disorders. She is the director of the Gray Matter Lab.

Patti Solomon-Rice

Patti Solomon-Rice is an Associate Professor and Clinic Director in the Communicative Disorders Program at San Francisco State University.  She has taught both graduate and undergraduate courses including Advanced Clinical Skills, Motor Speech Disorders, AAC, Language Disorders and Language Development, and each semester she supervises an early intervention toddler clinic at one of SFSU’s two early childhood education centers.

Nancy Robinson

Nancy B. Robinson is a professor at San Francisco State University in the Communicative Disorders Program and currently the Interim Chair of the Department. In her teaching and research, Dr. Robinson has built curriculum resources in Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) including the AAC Conversation Club, a group meeting for young adults to practice conversation skills and to teach future SLPs to be effective communication partners with individuals who use AAC as their primary means of communication.