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Language and Literacy Education


General Information


The M.A. in Education: Concentration in Language and Literacy Education Program is designed to extend each candidate’s academic and professional background in the field of language and literacy development when teaching linguistically and culturally diverse groups of students, either in elementary, secondary or adult education. The combination of course requirements and electives allows students to develop an area of expertise that is relevant to their own professional interests and goals. The coursework options allow students to specialize at the elementary, secondary or adult education levels.


The program is closely aligned with the Reading Specialist Credential Program. M.A. candidates may earn the specialist credential by selecting specified M.A. course options and completing one additional 3-unit course, EED 723, In-service Leadership in Language and Literacy Education.


This program is Fall admittance only and offered through the Department of Elementary in cooperation with the Secondary Education and Department of Administration and Interdisciplinary Studies in the College of Education at San Francisco State University.


Admission Requirements


Admission to the University as a graduate student requires:


  • Possession of a baccalaureate degree from a recognized institution.
  • Attainment of a 3.0 grade point average in the last 60 semester units attempted.



Admission to the Language and Literacy Education Program further requires:


  • Possession of an elementary or secondary education teaching credential or 24 units of professional coursework directly relevant to education. A minimum of two years of teaching experience.

In addition we strongly encourage applicants who are interested in focusing on bilingual education and/or second language acquisition. Dr. Arce’s expertise is in Literacy and two -way immersion bilingual education.


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Written English Proficiency Requirement


Level 1: Met by successfully completing the Graduate Essay Test (GET). The GET will be administered each semester, a week before instruction. Contact the Testing Center, ADM 152, (415) 338-2271, early in December or July for registration procedures, test location, date and time.


Level 2: Satisfied by demonstration of English competency on the final project in E ED 895 or the Master’s Thesis in E ED 898.


Required Course


Background and Theory (15 units required)




EED/ISED 749 (3 units)
EED 770 (3 units)


One of the following:
EED 725, EED 708, ISED 747 (3 units)


One of the following:
EED 705, E ED 781, S ED 621, ISED 750,
ISED 780 (3 units)


Other language/culture/literature course upon advisement


One of the following:
EED 763, E ED 760, SED 850, SED 811, ISED 738, ISED 748 (3 units)


Classroom Applications (12 units required)


EED 771 (3 units)
EED 726 (3 units)
EED 869 (3 units)


One of the following:
EED 720, S ED 722, ISED 744 (3 units)


Research Methods

ISED 797 (3 units)


Field Study or Thesis (3 units required)

EED/SED/ISED 898–Master’s Thesis
EED/SED/ ISED 895–Field Study (3 units)
or for DAIS
ISED 897 (3 units)




  • One additional graduate course and oral examination (candidate may substitute the additional course for one E ED required course upon advisement.)


Schedule of Classes


Classes are scheduled from 4:10 to 6:55p.m. and 7:00 to 9:45p.m. Required courses may be scheduled back to back for the convenience of students. Courses are offered yearly or every other year.


For Further Information


Dr. Marguerite Conrad and Dr. Ali Borjian, Co-coordinators
Department of Elementary Education
San Francisco State University

1600 Holloway Ave, BH 179
San Francisco, CA 94132


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