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1. EED Masters Programs



The Master of Arts in Education: Concentration in Elementary Education


The Department of Elementary Education is currently revising the MA "Concentration in Elementary Education" to better meet the needs of early career teachers. We will accept applications to this program in Winter/Spring of 2013 for admission for Fall 2013. More information will be posted soon.

If you would like to begin your MA studies in Fall 2012, we encourage you to apply to one of the other three MA programs offered by the Department of Elementary Education, listed below:


More information for the Elementary Education Degree




The Master of Arts in Education: Concentration in Language and Literacy


This degree provides elementary and middle school teachers with advanced knowledge of research, theory, and practice in reading and language arts with a particular emphasis on the needs of English learners.


More information for the Language and Literacy Degree



The Master of Arts in Education: Concentration in Early Childhood


The degree provides early childhood educators with advanced knowledge and training in research, theory, and practice for working with children and families in multicultural and multilingual early childhood settings. This degree provides infant, toddler, preschool, primary grade, community college educators, and early childhood administrators with the skills and knowledge for teaching and leadership positions in the field of early childhood education. Courses taken for the program can qualify for Teacher and Administrator levels of the California Child Development Matrix.


More Information for the Early Childhood Education Degree



The Master of Arts in Education: Concentration in Mathematics Education


This degree provides elementary and middle school teachers with advanced knowledge of research, theory, and practice in the teaching and learning of school mathematics and expands their knowledge of mathematics content. Teachers holding multiple subject credentials will be eligible to apply for a supplementary authorization in mathematics for middle school teaching. This degree also prepares teachers to assume leadership roles in their schools and districts.


More information for the Mathematics Education Degree



2. Admission to the Program


The Masters of Arts, Concentration in Language and Literacy Program and the Reading Language Arts Specialist Programs admits in the FALL SEMESTER only.

All other Masters of Arts concentrations are open for admission in the Fall and Spring semester.

Application Deadlines:

June 1 for Fall, November 1 for Spring
note:  dates may change without notice, please check online


Part 1 - University Application

Mail to:

San Francisco State University
Graduate Admissions, ADM 254
1600 Holloway Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94132-4158

A. You must apply to the university by filling out the regular CSU Graduate Applicaiton. You may complete it either online at or you can pick up a copy at the One Stop Student Service Center.

B. Two copies of official transcript(s) from every College of University attended

International Students:  Additional requirements apply often including TOFEL scores & earlier application deadlines.  Please contact Graduate Admissions (415) 338-2234 for further information.


Part 2 - Department Application


Mail to:
San Francisco State University
Graduate College of Education
Department of Elementary Education
1600 Holloway Ave., BH 179
San Francisco, CA  94132-4158
Attn: Assistant to the Masters Coordinators


A. Fill out the department application.  You can download the EED Master's Application (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader) or pick one up from Burk Hall 179.

B. Two letters of recommendation that state the following:


  • Your academic ability to pursue graduate work (from a professor or instructor).
  • Your professional experiences teaching children or adults (from an administrator or other professional educator).


Note: Please address the letters on a letterhead to the appropriae coordinators depending on the concentration listed below.


You can also click on the concentration for more details.


Masters Concentration:


Credential & Masters
Masters of Arts in Elementary Education
Dr. Barbara Ford (fall) & Dr. Stephanie Sisk-Hilton (spring)


Early Childhood Education
Dr. Barbara Henderson
Dr. Daniel Meier


Mathematics Education
Dr. Halcyon Foster


Language and Literacy Education
Dr. Marguerite Conrad & Dr. Ali Borjian


Specialist Emphasis


Reading Certificate Programs
Reading Language Arts Specialist
Dr. Marguerite Conrad & Dr. Ali Borjian



C. Unofficial Transcript(s) from every College or University attended


D. A clear well organized statement of purpose describing the following:


  1. Your professional competencies & goals (for current, graduate school, and the future).
    Please relate this to the concentration for which you are applying


  2. Your level of competency in languages other than English if you are bilingual and/or bi literate.


E. A current resume.

F. For Math concentration applicants, please complete these two forms, in addition to what is required here.


  1. EED-MA Math Questionnaire
  2. EED-MA Math Recommendation Form
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