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Masters of Arts in Mathematics




A Masters Degree in Education with a Concentration in Mathematics Education at San Francisco State University has been in place since 1995. This degree program was created with the help of a State Eisenhower Grant to promote teacher-leaders, knowledgeable in mathematics content and pedagogy, for teaching mathematics to all students.


This program was developed with the needs of full-time classroom teachers in mind. Teachers will work together to:

  • Increase their knowledge of mathematics
  • Investigate current classroom practices
  • Examine current issues in mathematics education
  • Study and practice leadership skills.


Admission Requirements


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Additional requirements:


  • Possession of an elementary or secondary education teaching credential with at least two years of teaching experience.


Written English Proficiency Requirement


Level 1: Met by successfully completing the Graduate Essay Test (GET). The GET will be administered each semester, one week before instruction begins. Information about the test and testing dates are online at, or contact the Testing Center at (415) 338-2271.


The requirements for a supplementary authorization to teach mathematics at the middle school level will be met by teachers with multiple subject credentials.




Education Courses K-12


EED/SED 761 (3 units)
School Mathematics: Problem Solving


EED/SED 807 (3 units)
Leadership Development In Math Education


EED/SED 856 (3 units)
Assessing Mathematical Thinking


EED/SED 796 (3 units)
Analyzing Cases of Math Teaching


ISED 797 (3 units)
Seminar in Educational Research


EED/SED 895 (3 units)
Field Study


Math Courses K-8


MATH 575 (3 units)
Mathematics in the Middle School Classroom


MATH 576 (3 units)
Math in Middle Schools II


MATH 577 (3 units)
Math in Middle Schools III


MATH 365 (3 units)
Advanced Number Systems


Math Courses 7-12


Choose 4 from the following list:


MATH 577 (3 units)
Math in the Middle School III


MATH 300 (3 units)
History of Mathematics


MATH 301 (4 units)
Exploration and Proof


MATH 324 (3 units)
Probability and Statistics with Computing


MATH 325 (3 units)
Linear Algebra


MATH 330 (3 units)
Discrete Mathematics


MATH 350 (3 units)



Department of Elementary Education and Mathematics Department


For further information, please contact:


Dr. Halcyon Foster
(415) 338-3342


Dr. Judith Kysh
(415) 338-2121



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