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Reading Certificate Programs



General Information


San Francisco State University offers a 15-unit Reading Certificate Program consisting of five courses, all of which apply to the Reading and Language Arts Specialist Credential, should the Reading Certificate Candidate wish to complete the more advanced credential.


The Reading Certificate authorizes the holder to assess student reading and provide reading instruction responding to the assessments. The holder is also authorized to develop, implement and adapt the reading and content curriculum, and assist classroom teachers in these areas. The certificate holder may perform these services at one or more school sites at the grade levels authorized by their prerequisite credential.


This program is FALL admintance ONLY



Admission Requirements


We encourage applicants who are interested in a Reading Certificate that emphasizes teaching bilingual students.

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Additional Requirements:


  • Possession of a valid elementary or secondary teaching credential.


    The credential may be either:


    1. A teaching credential that requires a bachelor’s degree and a professional preparation program that includes student teaching.


    2. A clear, full-time designated subjects teaching credential, provided the holder also possesses a bachelor’s degree and has passed the CBEST.


  • Verification of three years of successful, full-time teaching experience in any grades or subjects, preschool through adult. However, neither student teaching nor internship teaching nor teaching, while holding an emergency credential, will count toward the three years of experience required for the Reading Certificate.



Written English Proficiency Requirement


Level 1: Met by successfully completing the Graduate Essay Test (GET). The GET will be administered each semester, one week before instruction begins. Information about the test and testing dates are online.
SFSU Testing Center or call (415) 338-2271.



Schedule of Classes


Classes are scheduled from 4:10 to 6:55 pm and 7:00 to 9:45 pm. Required courses may be scheduled back to back for the convenience of students. Courses are offered yearly or every other year.



Required Courses


EED 720
Research and Practice in Language and Literacy Education (3 units)
E ED 725
Classroom Issues in Language, Literacy and Culture (3 units)
E ED 770
Literacy Clinic I (3 units)
E ED 771
Literacy Clinic II (3 units)
E ED 869
Teaching Reading and Writing to Second Language Learners (3 units)


Total (15 units)


Please note: The 15 units required for the Reading Certificate may be applied to the Reading Language Arts Specialist Credential Program and to the M.A. in Education: Concentration in Language and Literacy Education.



For Further Information


San Francisco State University
Department of Elementary Education
Marguerite Conrad and Dr. Ali Borjian, Co-coordinators
1600 Holloway Ave, Burk Hall 199
San Francisco, CA 94132



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