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Section 5 - Finishing and Graduating


  1. File an application for graduation. Deadline to submit is usually within the first month of each semester. Check the Class Schedule or Graduate Deadline Dates Sheet for more specific dates.


    Procedures To File For A Master's Degree


  2. You must submit a Report of Completion signed by your committee members (readers) and Department Chair along with a signed copy of the abstract page and a copy of your field study/project to Burk Hall 240 by the posted deadline for the semester you are to finish. Report of Completion forms are available in Burk Hall 240.


  3. The official Petition for Grade Change form must be completed for the field study course IF it was completed in a subsequent semester after enrollment (eg., you enrolled during the Spring semester, but did not complete until the Summer or Fall semester) . Keep in mind that all course work required to make-up an Incomplete (INC) or Satisfactory Progress (SP) grades must be submitted to the instructor prior to the date of graduation. The Grade Change Petition must be on file in the Registrar's Office no later than two weeks after the date of graduation and must clearly indicate that the work was completed prior to the last day of instruction for the semester you are completing the requirements.


  4. You must also complete a College of Education Exit Survey. This survey is different from the one you are required to complete when applying for graduation. This survey is specifically for students in Education and everyone must complete a survey and submit it with their Report of Completion the semester they apply for graduation.


  5. If you are completing a thesis the procedures are listed under the Thesis Guideline Information page.
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