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Hello everyone! My name is Emily Villalobos and I am honored to be your Graduate College of Education Representative for Associated Students. As a senior in the Communicative Disorders Program, I have begun to pursue my dreams to become a speech-language pathologist while pushing myself to work harder than I ever have.... Read More About Emily

Emily Villalobos

Emily Villalobos Student Representative

Did you know we have Undergraduate Programs?

  • Education Minor
    The Graduate College of Education offers Undergraduate pathways to careers in Education.
  • Special Education Minor
    Provides undergraduate students with an overview of the field of special education.
  • Communicative Disorders BA
    Designed to provide students with the prerequisite knowledge necessary to apply to graduate study leading to the completion of a master’s degree in speech-language pathology or doctoral study in audiology.

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The Graduate College of Education prepares reflective, transformative educators, clinicians, leaders, and scholars who advance the broad profession of education across the life span through excellence in the art and science of teaching and learning, research on critical issues in education and communicative disorders, integration of new technologies, and commitment to equity and social justice. Our programs are designed to meet global challenges through authentic learning experiences in academic and clinical environments that are grounded in our commitment to inclusiveness, integrity, community, social action, and evidence-based practice.


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