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Image of Sana Aaser

Sana Husain Aaser

It is a great pleasure to introduce Sana Husain Aaser, Master of Arts in Education with a concentration in Equity & Social Justice in Education, who has been selected for special recognition by the faculty of the Graduate College of Education.

Ms. Aaser is a strong, committed, emergent voice for change in education. As a practitioner, scholar, author and activist dedicated to the inclusion of the American Muslim experience in education, she seeks to understand the effects of an antagonistic society on the construction of young selves.

Her thesis, titled From Islamophobia to Identify Crisis: Self-Esteem among American Muslim Children, explores the learned attitudes and behaviors children may develop about their Muslim Identity. The study provides recommendations for educators to better support American Muslim children and address their identity development needs.

Ms. Aaser (AH-ser) has also been deeply engaged in service to the educational community. In her role as college representative to the Associated Students Incorporated (ASI), she worked collaboratively with students, faculty and administrators to plan and implement a series of workshops on racial equity awareness and leadership, interactive sessions designed to initiate campus-wide conversation about social justice. For Summer 2016, she has been selected to participate as a fellow in the Educational Pioneers program, which partners with 200 educational organizations in 20 cities across the US.

Image of Taylor Freeman

Taylor Freeman

Taylor Freeman is the undergraduate hood recipient for the Graduate College of Education. Ms. Freeman exemplifies the very best that her future profession of speech-language pathology has to offer. She has consistently excelled, both in her academics and in her service to the community. As the elected president of the San Francisco State University chapter of the National Student Speech-Language-Hearing Association, Taylor has been a visionary leader and a highly effective organizer.

Ms. Freeman's passion for becoming a speech language pathologist started when she worked in her grandmother’s special day classroom, located in a low socioeconomic area along the Sacramento delta. She watched many specialists come into the classroom, but she was most fascinated by the speech-language pathologist. She did not know it then, but her career choice was blossoming.

During her first year in the Communicative Disorders Program, Ms. Freeman was elected to be President of the National Student Speech-Language-Hearing Association, where she has been an outstanding leader to her peers. Her numerous volunteer experiences have exposed her to people with communication difficulties and other challenges, and her outstanding performance in the rigorous communicative disorders courses has trained her to be a well-rounded individual and future clinician. This year alone, she has led weekly mentoring sessions and cabinet meetings, planned two highly successful conferences and facilitated two Communicative Disorders Program student orientations.

Ms. Freeman has been truly essential to the Communicative Disorders Program’s capacity to provide high-quality experiences to our students. Even so, she has maintained a high grade point average and developed many professional relationships. We are delighted to know that she will continue her educational journey at San Francisco in the Communicative Disorders Master’s program starting in Fall of 2016.