Paul Mendez's Retirement

After thirty-three years as serving as the Director of the Transfer Articulation Bridge (TAB) program at San Francisco State University, Paul Mendez retired on September 30, 2017. In a celebration of his career, former students, family members, friends, faculty and staff gathered in the Student Life Annex at San Francisco State on September 29. The evening was filled with tributes to Paul from former students, the Interim Provost, Jennifer Summit, Faculty Emeritus, Jake Perea, colleagues Ray Fong and Nancy Joditis and many more. Throughout his career since beginning the TAB Program, Paul assisted thousands of students, most of them low-income first-generation and non-traditional students, to transfer successfully from City College of San Francisco (CCSF) to SF State.

With his colleagues at CCSF and more recently at Skyline College, Paul led the TAB Program, unique as an institutional collaboration among California Community Colleges and a baccalaureate degree-granting public university. His door was always open and he provided comprehensive services to all students who entered his office with comprehensive advising and linkages to necessary resources. With Paul’s continual support, his students were able to complete their bachelor’s degrees and to enter graduate programs and successful careers in the community in many fields that include education, law, counseling, public administration, nursing, speech-language pathology and many more areas of civic engagement to improve their communities. Students who spoke at his retirement celebration provided moving success stories that Paul helped to foster through his encouragement and unfailing belief in the capacity of each individual student to reach their personal and professional goals.

We all honor and recognize Paul Mendez for his contribution to the lives of thousands of students over the past 35 years who successfully made the transition from community colleges to complete degrees and enter careers in the community. Further, the Graduate College of Education is committed to continuing the TAB Program and all components of student support that Paul successfully built and developed in collaboration with his SF State and Community College partners.

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