Kathleen Mortier

Assistant Professor
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Health and Social Sciences
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Kathleen is an assistant professor in the Moderate/Severe Disabilities program in the Department of Special Education.  Before joining the faculty at SFSU, she worked in Central Amercia and in Belgium on inclusion practice for students with moderate to severe disabilities. Her work included coordinating a community based rehabilitation project, advocating with the parents for inclusive placements in general education schools, coaching the school teams in using a ecological approach when designing curricula and supports for students with significant disabilities, training professionals and later students in Ghent University, conducting research, and participating in policy efforts on systems change towards more inclusive education.  She teaches courses on communication and instructional strategies for students with moderate to severe disabilities.

Her research interests include inclusive education and the development of supports for students with intensive support needs who are part of the general education classroom; empowerment of parents and students through communities of practice and innovations and systems change moving in contexts of substantial fear and resistance toward inclusion.

Educational Background

  • Ghent University, Ghent, Belgium
    Ph.D. Pedagogical Science, October 2010
  • San Francisco State University, San Francisco, California
    M.A. Special Education, May 1998
  • Sint-Andreas Institute, Bruges, Belgium
    B.A. Pedagogical Science, June 1991


Journal articles

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