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Dr. Lee’s teaching and research interests include adult learning theories, immigrant adult leaners, impact of interlocking power system on educational contexts, and transformative learning in the cross-cultural setting. She currently teach, advise, and co-coordinate Adult Education MA & credential program and Equity and Social Justice MA program. Dr. Lee is the recipient of an outstanding teaching award in 1996 and a national research award in 1999. She has presented at international conferences and published in areas of adult immigrant students, adult learning, and equity & social justice in education. She has also served her professional community by playing a leadership role in hosting international research conference in 2003 and serving editorial board for Adult Education Quarterly, Adult Learning and Horizon, three major publications in Adult Education. She served as university liaison for a community based literacy program, long-term consultant for a Chinese American non-profit organization and has being involved in college-wide international initiatives.

Educational Background

  • B.A. 1989, National Cheng-chi University, Taiwan,
Major in Education and Minor in English Literature
  • M.Ed. 1992, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Curriculum and Instruction
  • Ed.D.,1997, University of Georgia, Athens, Adult Education with Graduate Certificate in Women’s Studies

Selected Publications:

  •  Lee, M., Hemphill, D., Perea, J. (in press). Teaching transformation in the context of international and comparative education. J Wu, (Ed.). Internationalization of Higher Education. Guangzhou, China: South Normal China University Press. (Bilingual: Chinese & English)
  •  Lee, M. (2010). Expanding the racialized discourse—An Asian American perspective.In V. Sheared, S. Brookfield., J. Johnson-Bailey., & S. Colins, III. (Eds.), The Handbook on Race and Racism in Adult and Higher Education: A Dialogue among Adult Educators. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.
  •  Huang, H & Lee, M. (2010). Teaching abacus in a multicultural context. The Proceedings of 2010 World Abacus Day Conference, p. 30-40. Bilingual (Chinese & English).
  •  Lee, M., & Jalipa, A.(Eds.). (2010) The Fifth Asian Diaspora Pre-conference Proceedings. San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA.
  •  Lee, M. (2009). Instructional excellence for whom? Pedagogies for the marginalized. The Proceedings of the Fifth Annual Conference on Teacher Career Planning and Professional Development Proceedings, 37-43.
  •  Lee, M., Hemphill, D., Perea, J. (2009). Teaching for transformation: Structured cross- cultural experience in transnational context. Adult Education Research Conference proceedings, 50, 212-217.

Courses taught at SFSU

  • ISED 717 Social Foundations of Cultural and Equity in Education (3 units)
  • ISED 735 Seminar on the Adult Learner (3 units)
  • ISED 739 Education and Community Development: Equity and Diversity (3 units)
  • ISED 745 Practicum in a multicultural education setting (3units)
  • ISED 780 Adult Basic and Literacy Education (3 units)
  • ISED 781 Teaching Improvement in Adult and Workplace Education (3 units)
  • ISED 783 Educational Technologies in Adult Learning (1 unit)
  • ISED 891 Special Issue: Conference Planning and Practice in Adult Education (3units)
  • ISED 891 Educational Practice in Transnational Spaces (3units)
  • ISED 895/898 Culminating Experience: Field Study & Mater Thesis (3 units)
  • ISED 897 Advanced Seminar of Education Research (3 units)
  • ISED 899 Special Study (1-3 units)