Master's Degrees

Elementary Education MA

The MA Concentration in Elementary Education is a continuation of the SFSU Multiple Subjects Credential Program.  This concentration is only available to students who have completed the San Francisco State Credential program no more than three years from the time they begin MA coursework.

1. Can I start the MA EED without a credential?

  • You must have successfully completed all requirements for the MSC Credential as part of the SFSU MSC program. 

2. How does the combined MA EED and Credential work?

Mathematics Education MA (EED)

Promotes and supports teacher-leaders to be knowledgeable both in mathematics content and in the use of pedagogical practices that enable all students to learn mathematics.

The mathematics courses required for this program will also satisfy the requirements for a supplementary authorization to teach mathematics at the middle school level. Students from the two departments (Elementary Education and Secondary Education) take coursework together. Courses are cross-listed (EED/SED) with students enrolling under the respective level. Students will work together to:

Language and Literacy Education MA

Designed to extend knowledge in the field of language and literacy development when teaching linguistically and culturally diverse groups, either in elementary, secondary or adult education.

This program is housed in the Department of Elementary Education. The combination of course requirements and electives allows students to develop an area of expertise that is relevant to their own professional interests and goals. The coursework options allow students to specialize at the elementary, secondary or adult education levels. This is a 33-unit program.