Student Events & Celebrations

Communicative Disorders Recognition Ceremony

May 27, 2018

On Sunday, May 27, 2018, the Department of Communicative Disorders held their Recognition Ceremony for the graduate and undergraduate classes of 2018. The ceremony took place in the Nourse Theater, a grand venue located in downtown San Francisco. This annual event is completely funded and organized by the Graduation Committee of the National Student Speech-Language Hearing Association (NSSLHA) at SFSU. It was headed this year by Rosella Inzunza-Madrigal, who also graduated at this event. A total of 31 graduates and 73 undergraduates participated, along with many student volunteers who contributed to making this beautiful event run without a hitch. Congratulations, graduates!

True North's Early Childhood Development Project

Late May, 2018

In late May 2018, 11 students from the Department of Child & Adolescent Development (CAD) and the Department of Special Education traveled to Vryground, a township outside of Cape Town, South Africa, to work with local early childhood preschools and child care centers for eight weeks. This year, three ECSE MA/Credential students and one ECSE faculty member, Maryssa Kucskar, were able to join the group. In an effort to build collaboration and promote inclusive early childhood practices, students and faculty come together to work and support the efforts of True North's Early Childhood Development Project in the poverty-stricken township. Students support best practices, language and literacy programming, and building capacity for program evaluation and formal registration within the preschools and centers. This is the fifth year for the S. Africa trip and the third year of collaboration with the ECSE program. Stay tuned for testimonials and blogs from SFSU students returning from their trip later this summer!

GCOE Student Recognition Ceremony

May 12, 2018

The first All-College GCOE Student Recognition Ceremony was held at the Student Life Annex for all credential, master’s, doctoral and certificate students on May 12, 2018. The event was attended by more than 700 people and Departments represented included ELSIT, Secondary, Elementary, Special Education and the EdD EL Program. The core planning team worked around the clock for several months to make sure the event was successful including: Victoria Narkewicz, Anarose Flores Schelstrate, Loretta Seva’aetasi, Judith Kysh, Jisel Iglesias, Jeanne Oh, Rob Wiliams, Doris Flowers, Josephine Arce, Maika Watanabe, Barbara Henderson, and Laura Epstein. All of the faculty who participated also represented their disciplines within education and honored the students and families present. Keynote speaker, Tina Lagdamen, Principal at Bessie Carmichael Elementary School in the Tenderloin focused on the critical role of educators to build school communities for all children. Student speaker, Angela Torres, SF State’s Graduate Hood Recipient highlighted her social justice focus to correct inequities through math education.

Dia de la Familia

April 28, 2018

With funds provided by a grant from the CSU Chancellor’s Office of External Relations and coordinated by Dr. Eurania Lopez and Ms. Elvira Vivanco, Dia de la Familia was the culminating event of three months of outreach to parents in surrounding high schools and their sons and daughters of Hispanic backgrounds. Over 200 families and their college-bound students attended to explore careers in education through presentations and interactive workshops hosted by GCOE and other SF State faculty, Student Outreach Services, Associated Students, and more.