Advancement to Candidacy (ATC)

The ATC is a permanent record of your completed and planned course work as well as other requirements necessary for you to complete your degree. Filing your ATC paperwork is the first step towards graduating and the award of a degree.


NO LATER THAN the semester immediately preceding registration for the final six units of graduate work.

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How to file:

Step 1: Complete the Advancement to Candidacy Form

The Advancement to Candidacy Form should be obtained online or from the Credential and Graduate Services Office, BH 244, and filled out in consultation with your advisor.

The ATC must be filed NO LATER THAN the semester immediately preceeding registration for the final six units of graduate work. You may file it sooner. You must be a Candidacy graduate student when you file the ATC. The ATC should only include those courses taken to fulfill program requirements (30-33 units).

Step 2: Check for any additional requirements

Credential Students

If you are currently Candidacy as a credential student and want to continue to complete your master's degree, you must file the Change of Graduate Program form to change your classification from Credential to Master's before filing your ATC.

Transfer Students

If you are including coursework from another university, you must complete a Transfer Unit Evaluation  form signed by your advisor and submit it with your ATC along with an official copy of a transcript unless one is already on file with the university.

Changes to ATC

Once approved, any changes to your ATC must be made using the ATC Substitution Form

Step 3: Submit the completed forms

Completed forms must be submitted to the department office of the degree program you belong to. 

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