Apply for award of Master's Degree or Certificate

After completing the Advancement to Candidacy and proposal for Culminating Experience, students must apply for graduation in order to officially receive their degree.


Deadline to submit is usually within the first month of each semester.
Check the Deadline Dates for more specific dates.

Related Forms & Resources:

How to File:

Step 1: Apply for award of degree on SF State Gateway

Go to the Instructions For Submitting Application For Award Of Degree page to learn how to file an application for award of degree online at SF State Gateway.

Step 2: Complete a Culminating Experience

Go to the Thesis, Disseration, and Written Creative Work Guidelines page for instructions on completing your culminating experience.
To graduate in the semester you finish your Thesis / Dissertation / Written Creative Work,  you must complete all of the following steps by the "Submission of Thesis / Dissertation / Written Creative Work Deadline" printed in the Schedule of Classes
Be sure to give yourself enough time to finalize all corrections and obtain the required signatures.

Optional Requirements:

Petition for Grade Change

The official Petition for Grade Change form must be completed for the field study course IF it was completed in a subsequent semester after enrollment (eg., you enrolled during the Spring semester, but did not complete until the Summer or Fall semester) . Keep in mind that all course work required to make-up an Incomplete (INC) or Registered Progress (RP) grades must be submitted to the instructor prior to the date of graduation. The Grade Change Petition must be on file in the Registrar's Office no later than two weeks after the date of graduation and must clearly indicate that the work was completed prior to the last day of instruction for the semester you are completing the requirements.