Special Petitions and Circumstances

Committee Revision

You can make changes to your committee/readers for your study/project/thesis using the Committee Revision. This form must be filed before you graduate.


Petition for Waiver

Petition for Waiver may be filed to request waiver of certain requirements with the approval of your advisor; department chair and Associate Dean for Graduate Studies.


Revised Proposal for Culminating Experience

If you are making changes to your proposed field study or thesis proposal, you must file a revised Proposal for Culminating Experience citing the changes . You do not need to file a revised proposal form if the only change is in the Title of your field study or thesis. 

2 Semester Option for Culminating Experience

Enrollment in EDUC 897 is required to fulfill the "enrollment in semester of graduation requirement" if a student has no other coursework to complete and they have already enrolled in 895/898 for a semester, but the field study/thesis is not complete. Students should enroll the semester they will complete to meet the requirement. Enrollment forms are available in Burk Hall 240.

Continuous Enrollment Policy

The Culminating Experience Continuous Enrollment Policy applies to all students admitted or re-admitted for Fall 2008 or later. Once you enroll in your Culminating Experience course, you are required to maintain continuous enrollment through the College of Extended Learning (CEL) if you do not complete your project and earn your degree within two semesters (the semester of enrollment and one "grace semester"). If you do not maintain continuous enrollment, and wish to return to complete the degree, you will need to retroactively enroll in the CEL course for each semester following the grace semester, and pay all applicable fees.

Petition to Exceed Maximum Unit Load

Many programs have a maximum number of credit units that students are allowed to take per semester. If you want to take more than the maximum you must submit a Petition to Exceed Maximum Unit Load to do so.