Instructional Technologies MA

The Instructional Technologies program prepares professionals in online and e-learning instructional design, design of technology-based instruction for K-20 educators or trainers in a variety of business and industry environments, and design for problem-based learning solutions. The Department offers both an M.A. Degree in Education with a Concentration in Instructional Technologies as well as an 18-unit Certificate in Training Systems Development. In addition, credentialed K-12 teachers can obtain a California supplementary authorization in computer science by completing 12 units of coursework in the four required areas.

The ITEC program is launching San Francisco State's first fully online MA program (pending CSU Chancellor’s Office and WASC approval) in Fall 2022. The ITEC program offers many courses in the HyFlex blended learning environment with simultaneous in-class and online participation  synchronously (using a web conference system) and asynchronous participation at times most convenient to students. The program accommodates distance learners and can be completed in an average of 3-5 semesters. Additional courses may be offered in special Winter or Summer Sessions.

The program prepares participants for careers in the prestigious, fast-moving Instructional Design and Technology field. Students gain skills with traditional and emerging learning technologies, choosing courses in mobile applications, Web design, gamification, augmented/virtual reality, social networking and assistive/adaptive technologies. Students are introduced to a variety of pedagogies for learning from established to current learning strategies. Students create instruction for various learners, designing learning for mobile, e-learning, and face-to-face instruction using a number of software, hardware, and physical technologies. Graduates become instructional designers for corporations, industry, public service organizations, and classrooms. Alumni can be found in companies and school districts in the SF Bay Area and beyond. The program prepares students in traditional Instructional Systems Design methods as well as rapid prototyping, agile ID, and design thinking-based methodologies.

ITEC caters to the working adult with all courses offered in late afternoons or evening. Students develop a career pathway and a portfolio during their studies.