Guidance for In-Person Fieldwork

Guidance for In-Person Fieldwork Experiences
Spring 2021

This page provides information and steps for GCOE credential candidates in Spring 2021 who are enrolled in fieldwork courses such as student teaching or clinical internships. It will be updated as more information becomes available.

We can’t wait until schools and clinical sites are open, and we are all back together.

Until then, we are proceeding under guidance and directives from the SF Department of Public Health and SF State’s Campus Plan. GCOE credential candidates, faculty, and staff must cooperate with all directives and guidelines. This information will help us all do this together, safely, and still learning. It will also help us stay flexible in a fast-moving situation.

FIELDWORK MOSTLY VIRTUAL: Most student teaching and clinical experiences will remain in virtual modalities through the Spring 2021 semester. San Francisco State and the SF Department of Public Health continue to prioritize health and safety while the COVID-19 pandemic continues. GCOE Programs will continue to support virtual options wherever possible and as long as needed.

MOST K-12 AND CLINICAL SITES NOT RE-OPENING YET: Most regional K-12 schools and clinical sites also continue to operate in virtual modalities, and are likely to do so throughout the rest of the school year.

VACCINE ELIGIBILITY: Although educators may have access to vaccinations, GCOE and SF State students might not qualify as “educators” and may have to wait until they are eligible for vaccines as SF State students. SF State students may also ask their departments for a candidate verification letter which may allow them to receive a vaccine with the school/clinical site.


  • IF you are in a fieldwork placement that is re-opening for in-person instruction or services, and
  • IF your fieldwork experience site (principal or supervisor) officially approves you in writing, via your GCOE department or coordinator, to join in-person experiences, and
  • IF you have no health concerns that prevent you from having in-person experiences, which may include having both vaccinations…
  • THEN these are the steps you must take to prepare for in-person fieldwork experiences, prior to starting.

  1. Meet with your designated Placement/Program Coordinator to complete the “In-Person Fieldwork or Internship Advising Checklist” and to discuss your options and needs.
    a. View and download the Advising Checklist.
  2. If you and your Placement/Program Coordinator agree that your plan is to prepare for in-person fieldwork, then complete the COVID-19 training on the CSUSTUDENTSKILLPORT site. You will be asked for your SF State single-sign on credentials (student ID and password).
  3. Screenshot the completion certificate and email it to your Placement/Program Coordinator or Internship Coordinator.
  4. Complete the Survey with Agreements for In-Person Fieldwork or Internship experiences through DocuSign. Even if you have already completed the Qualtrics survey, you must complete it again through DocuSign when you know your specific in-person placement. To access the DocuSign survey, please contact your Placement/Program Coordinator.
  5. DO NOT START until your placement is confirmed by your Placement/Program Coordinator:
    a. Have they received email confirmation of Site Safety?
    b. Do you need a vaccination or testing?
    c. Is your placement confirmed with a start date?
  6. Stay in communication with your Cooperating Teacher or Site Supervisor, and with your University Supervisor, to make sure they are ready for you.
  7. If you have ANY health issues, you must stay home and communicate with your Placement/Program Coordinator. Also you must follow your site’s directions for returning safely.
  8. If you decide you cannot do in-person fieldwork, let your Placement/Program Coordinator know as soon as possible, and seek advising about alternative experiences.
  9. Your fieldwork site may also decide that it’s best for you not to be there after all – be prepared to make quick changes.

For each candidate or clinical intern who wants to do in-person fieldwork or internship:

  1. Confirm that they have been officially approved to join the school or site in-person, and the start date.
  2. Advising: Meet with each candidate or clinical intern to review the In-Person Fieldwork or Internship Checklist, and to make sure they understand all the options.
  3. Save the Safety Training Screenshot: each student should email you a screenshot of their completion.
  4. Look in Qualtrics: their Agreements survey must be there. (Nolan can help.)
  5. Email the Placement Site (see below)
    a. Site Safety Confirmation
    b. What are the requirements for Candidates or Interns: Testing? Vaccination?
  6. Save the returned email confirmation
    a. Click on "Print", and "Save as PDF"
  7. If the site has questions for us, the Department Chair can help direct those.
  8. Confirm that all requirements are met:
    a. Email the candidate or clinical intern, cooperating teacher or site supervisor, and University Supervisor
  9. Check in regularly; be prepared for flexibility and change!
  10. If a candidate or clinical intern reports that they are sick, please tell them to stay home and follow their site’s process for returning safely.
  11. Remain flexible and supportive of the candidate and of the fieldwork site.