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Dr. Jamal Cooks, originally from Oakland, CA.,is a tenured, Professor at San Francisco State University in the Department of Secondary Education. Dr. Cooks has taught middle and high school social studies, community college English, and teacher education courses at the university level. He earned his B.A. from University of California at Berkeley and a MA in Social Studies Curriculum Development from the University of Michigan. Dr. Cooks completed his Ph.D. at the University of Michigan with a dissertation entitled "Explicit Instruction, assumed skills, or something in the middle: Expository writing development in different learning environments with high school freshmen." Moreover, he is an award winning track and field coach. Dr. Cooks has coached many indoor and outdoor, track club and high school state participants and All Americans. Dr. Cooks is a certified Level 2 coach in sprints, jumps, hurdles, and relays and was a participant in the Emerging Elite Coaches Camp in Chula Vista at the U.S. Olympic Training Center.


•    1996-2002          Ph.D.,The University Of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI.
•    1995-1996          MA.,The University Of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI.
•    1993-1995          Teaching Credential, California State University-Hayward, Hayward, CA.
•    1989-1993          B.A.,The University Of California At Berkeley, Berkeley, CA.

Professional Experience

•    2008-present       Professor, San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA.
•    2008-2016          Author, Houghton Mifflin/ Harcourt Company, Boston, MA.
•    2011-2012          Visiting Associate Professor, Mills College, Oakland, CA.
•    2009-2010          National Urban Alliance, San Francisco, Syosset, NY.
•    2002-2008          Assistant Professor, San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA.
•    2001-2004          Visiting Professor, University Of California-at Berkeley, Berkeley, CA.
•    2000-2002          Instructor/Lecturer, San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA.
•    2000-2002          Instructor, Peralta Community College System, Oakland, CA.
•    1995-2000          Graduate Assistant/ Research Assistant, Ann Arbor, MI.
•    1993-1995          Teacher- King Estates Junior High School, Oakland, CA.

Honors & Awards

•    2016                        All East Bay Coach of the Year- Finalist, Oakland, CA.
•    2014                        National Council of Teachers of English- Honorary Chair, Boston, MA
•    2013                        Center for Scholastic Inquiry- Best Paper, Scottsdale, AZ
•    2012                        All East Bay Coach of the Year- Winner, Oakland, CA.
•    2010            Top 20 Most Influential Education Professors, San Francisco, CA.


Referred Journal Articles (select few)
•    Brown, B., Cooks, J. & Cross, K. (2015). Changing the game in STEM: Cultural hybridity discourse and learning. Science Education
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•    Cooks, J. (2004). Writing for Something: The nexus among raps, essays, and expository organizational patterns of African American Adolescents. English Journal, 94,1,72-76.
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•    Ball, A., Williams, J., & Cooks, J. (1997). An Ebonics-based curriculum: The educational value. Thought and Action, 8(2), 39-50.

Book Chapters

•    Jocson, K. and Cooks, J. (2011). Popular Culture and Teaching. Critical Perspectives on Education in Urban Settings by Valerie Kinloch.
•    Cooks, J. and Ball, A. (2009). Research on the Literacies of African American Vernacular English Speaking Adolescents. In Handbook of Adolescent Literacy Research by L. Christenbury, R. Bomer, and P.Smagorinsky, 140-152.

In Review

•    Cooks, J., and Perry, T. (in review). Popular Culture and Literacy for Educators. Book proposal submitted to Peter Lang.
•    Cooks, J. and Sunseri, A. (in review) Leveling the Playing Field: The Efficacy of Thinking Maps on English Language Learner Student’s Writing. Article submitted to The TESOL Journal.
•    Cooks, J. and Lord-Walker, J. (in review). Bringing it Back Home: Exploring the Benefits of an African Centered Education for Urban Students. Article submitted to Urban Education.
•    Cooks, J., Allender, D., and Irvine, P. (in review). Pathways to literacies across the content areas: Teaching pre- credential teachers how to use an innovative online website to build literacy skills in the 21st century. Article submitted to CITE.
•    Cooks, J. and Cooks, C. (in review). Plugging the holes: Issues that impact a successful after school tutorial program. THE FORUM, the International Journal of the World Council for Curriculum and Instruction.
•    Cooks, J. (in review). Stepping to the B Side: Academic Experiences of African Americans in Doctoral Programs. The Journal for Scholastic Inquiry.


•     National Science Foundation –2014                       $899,000.00 (not funded)
•     San Francisco State University –2014                    $7,000.00
•     San Francisco State University –2013                    $4,000.00
•     National Science Foundation #1003589 –2012      $899,000.00
•     San Francisco State University –2011                    $7,000.00