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Coordinator, Moderate/Severe Disabilities Program Area
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Educational Background

Pam Hunt is a professor in the Department of Special Education and coordinator of the Moderate/Severe Disabilities Program Area. She completed a BA degree from the University of California, Berkeley in psychology, a teaching credential and MA degree from San Francisco State University under the mentorship of Dr. Wayne Sailor, and a PhD from the University of California, Berkeley, through the Joint Doctoral Program in Special Education (UC, Berkeley, and San Francisco State University).

Research Interests

Dr. Hunt's research interests include communication and social competence for students who experience significant disabilities; inclusive education and the development of social supports for students with intensive support needs who are members of general education classrooms; and collaborative teaming and school restructuring to create school communities in which all students are valued and fully participating members. Dr. Hunt has a demonstrated publication record of research in each of these areas and has presented her research studies at numerous national and state educational conferences.

Dr. Hunt has been directly involved in 12 federal grants and contracts from the US. Department of Education in the role of principal investigator, co-principal investigator, or director--procuring a total of $14,300,000 in external grant funding: $5,150,000 in research grants, $3,400,000 in personnel preparation grants (which supports students’ tuition), and $5,750,000 in technical assistance and training grants. Currently she is the principal investigator for three federal grants totaling $6,625,000. Her most recent $2,750,000 research grant was funded in 2015 by the U.S. Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences. The results of the study that she, with Dr. Elizabeth Kozleski at the University of Kansas, will conduct will provide guidance to educators on effective models for implementing systematic reading instruction to students with significant disabilities in general education classroom settings with general education peers participating in the lessons as “reading buddies.”

In 2016, Dr. Hunt received the Distinguished Faculty Award for Excellence in Professional Achievement from San Francisco State University.

Recent Publications

McDonnell, J., Hunt, P., & Jameson, M. (2015). Achieving equity and belonging: From segregated to inclusive education. In M. Agran, F. Spooner, & K. Gee (Eds.), TASH 40th Anniversary.

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Hunt, P., McDonnell, J., & Crockett, M. (2012). Reconciling an ecological curricular framework focusing on quality of life outcomes with the development and instruction of standards-based academic goals. Research and Practice for Persons With Severe Disabilities, 37(3), 139-152.

Mortier, K., Hunt, P., Leroy, M., De Schauwer, E., & Van Hove, G (2010). Communities of practice in   inclusive education. Educational Studies, 36(3), 345-355. The most downloaded article published in Educational Studies in 2010 and, therefore, included in the Routledge Education Class of 2011.

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