Application Process for Prospective Interns

The Intern Program requires the submission of a complete application.

Download Application Process for Award Of Credential .pdf here



  1. Download the appropriate application packet (Multiple Subject or Single Subject)
  2. Fill out the application and gather all the documents listed on the application checklist.
  3. Attach Proof of Employment
    Valid Proof of Employment is a contract, or a letter of intent to hire from Human Resources including:
    • Effective dates of employment (first and last dates teaching in the classroom)
    • Full time equivalency
    • Grade level
    • Site assignment

    Letter cannot be from the principal and it must be on district letterhead.

  4. If you are applying after the regular deadline, you must submit a Petition for Waiver of Graduate School Admissions Regulations.


  5. Submit your application to:

    Multiple Subject:
    Dr. Josephine Arce, Ed.D.

    Chair, Department of Elementary Education
    Coordinator, Multiple Subject Intern Program
    Graduate College of Education, Burk Hall 179
    San Francisco State University
    1600 Holloway Avenue
    San Francisco, CA 94132-4158



  1. Before the regular program deadline: Fill out and submit the SFSU Graduate School application via Cal State Apply ( by the regular program deadline OR After the regular program deadline:
    • Complete a Petition for Waiver of Graduate School Admissions Regulations (see step 5 above).
    • Fill out and save the SFSU Graduate School application via Cal State Apply ( Do not lose your username and password.
    • SFSU Graduate Admissions will email you in approximately two weeks and give you instructions on submitting your Cal State Apply online application. At this time a $55 fee will be required, which can be paid online.
  2. Submit to ADM 250, an additional set of official sealed transcripts of ALL colleges or universities attended, including international and domestic. Request that transcripts be sent to your home, not the university.

    Note: If you attended SFSU, you do not need to submit an SFSU transcript to Graduate Admissions, (you do need to submit one with the program application.)



Attend your scheduled Admissions Interview. You will receive notice by mail or email. If you applied late your interview will be arranged by the Intern Coordinator and you will receive notice by email only.



You cannot register for classes until you are officially admitted to SFSU. (You can check your status online: You will receive a Notice of Admission from the Graduate Division once you have been admitted by the university. The letter will detail instructions for accessing MySFSU to enroll.

Before you can register (these do not need to be done in order, except for number 4 is the last step)

  1. Pay tuition and fees. Fees can be paid online at or in person at the Bursar’s Office – Student Services Bldg.


  2. Submit a completed "proof of immunization form" of the Measles Mumps and Rubella immunizations to the Registrar's office:


  3. Attend a mandatory New Intern Orientation or Individual Advising Meeting with the Intern Coordinator. You will receive an Intern Handbook and advising worksheet. (Single Subject Program only)


  4. Register for classes ( You will be assigned a priority registration date. This date can be accessed via MySFSU. If the date has passed you can register during Open Registration. A schedule will be listed on the SFSU Registrar website.
    Note: Multiple Subject Interns see coordinator about courses.




When the Intern Coordinator determines that you have met all Internship Credential requirements, including the 120 Hour Pre-service Requirement, you may then apply for the Internship Credential.


  1. Download and complete Application for Award of Credential form.


  2. Download the Fee Receipt Form
    (Fee_Receipt_Form.pdf) and pay the $25.00 SFSU credential processing fee at the Student Services Building (Bursar's Office). Or, attach a check payable to SFSU to the completed fee receipt.


  3. Attach proof of completing U.S. Constitution requirement:
    U.S. Constitution


    1. If you graduated from a CSU, you have already met this requirement.
    2. If you completed this requirement by taking a test, you must submit an original score report (not a copy).


  4. Attach proof of enrollment (either a copy of your class schedule from MySFSU, OR a bursar's receipt or printout from MySFSU of your tuition fee payment)


  5. Submit ALL the internship application documents to the address listed in STEP ONE of this document.


  6. SFSU will send your application (online) to the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC). As soon as SFSU submits your application, the CTC will email you a link, where you fill out a legal history affidavit and pay a Credential Fee with a credit card. The amount of the fee depends on whether you have already paid for a Certificate of Clearance or not. The fee will be either $29.50 or $57.00. (This includes a $2.00 service fee). Your application is not complete until you have paid this fee.


  7. The CTC will generate an automatic receipt via email that you will give to the Human Resources Dept. in your school district.


  8. In approximately 2 weeks, the CTC will email you a link, where you can log in with your Social Security Number and birth date to see a listing of all credentials held. CTC no longer sends a paper copy, you must print your credential from this website.


  9. Submit a copy of the Internship Credential to the respective coordinator at the address provided in STEP ONE. Please do NOT submit the “Printer Friendly” copy. The document needs to list: your name, the document number and the issuance date.