Preliminary Education Specialist Instruction Credential

Students in this program will earn an Education Specialist Instruction Credential. This credential is part of a two-tiered system. Candidates complete the Preliminary credential initially and then have five years in which to complete the Clear credential. Students in this program also earn an MA in Special Education unless already completed.


Program Emphasis

Students in the Special Education Teaching Credential (Preliminary) program must choose one of the following area of emphasis.


Program Requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degree: must be posted by the time student enters program*

  • 3.0 GPA overall in baccalaureate coursework*

  • Written English Proficiency Requirement (WEP)*

  • Early Field Experience in a public school classroom (Orientation & Mobility students are exempt)

  • Subject Matter Competency (Early Childhood Special Education and Orientation & Mobility students are exempt)

  • Certificate of Clearance (COC) Fingerprint Requirement

  • Basic Skills Requirement 

* Applicants may petition to be exempt from these requirements only if they have previously earned a Master's degree in Special Education.


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