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The Graduate College of Education prepares reflective, transformative educators, clinicians, leaders, and scholars who advance the broad profession of education across the life span through excellence in the art and science of teaching and learning, research on critical issues in education and communicative disorders, integration of new technologies, and commitment to equity and social justice. Our programs are designed to meet global challenges through authentic learning experiences in academic and clinical environments that are grounded in our commitment to inclusiveness, integrity, community, social action, and evidence-based practice.

Scholarship Recipients

Scholarship Recipient Chynna Phillips

Chynna Phillips

Crumpton, Baxter, Bonham Memorial Scholarship

"I have supported myself since I was 18 years old. I got a job at the campus preschool my sophomore year and have took on numerous other side jobs just to get by. This scholarship will help me tremendously this semester by being able to purchase multiple books for each of the four classes I am taking including many of the other smaller details that are required such as notebooks, pens, paper, a working computer, etc. that make attending collage an expensive experience. I feel as if a financial burden has been lifted off my shoulders and I’m hoping that now that I have this extra money to use towards school, I will not have to work every weekend to make sure I have the bare minimum. I will be able to focus more on my academics and I will prove that the opportunity of receiving this scholarship will not be wasted."

Scholarship Recipient Roger Kiel

Roger Kiel

Chris Larsen Scholarship Fund

"Being a recipient of the Chris Larson Scholarship has already reduced my stress level, freed-up more of my time so that I can be more focused on my studies and community service efforts. I brings me joy knowing I have a financial cushion to protect me from poverty. I will be conducting scholarship preparation workshops for the youth participants at Youth Spirit Artworks and the East Oakland Youth Development Center (both non-profit organizations) to promote scholarship and higher learning opportunities. I am disabled. I can now afford to get my car repaired so that travel about with always worrying about the risk of harm while traveling at night. Being a recipient of this scholarship leaves in eternally inspired to achieve even more and that all things are possible. Thank God for the Chris Larsen Scholarship Fund!"

Scholarship Recipient Allison Firestone

Allison Firestone

Karl Richard Lane Scholarship

"As a new parent (I have a three-month old son), this funding is instrumental in allowing me to continue pursuing my degree. It will allow me to pay my tuition, providing me with much-needed time to focus on developing my research agenda and meeting my program milestones. I would like to use the results from the study that I am implementing (described in the previous question) to write into a position paper (one of my program milestones), which I hope to have published in an academic journal. This funding will allow me the time to work on this and begin contributing to knowledge in the field of teacher education in addition to my coursework."

Scholarship Recipient James Lowden

James Lowden

Transfer Articulation Bridge (TAB)- Lend Lease Second Chance Scholarship

"It will help me to pay bills, eat, and exist in the Cithy of San Francisco as a struggling student. I would love to use my degree to help me get a job with my tribe as a counselor or teacher on the Hoopa Valley Indian reservation."

Scholarship Recipient Kennette Hoke

Kennette Hoke

Crumpton, Baxter, Bonham Memorial Scholarship

"I will use the proceeds of this scholarship to pay down some of the loan that I took out in order to fund my education for this spring semester. I am immensely grateful that I have the opportunity to do this. Paying for living expenses and university classes on a teacher salary is not an easy undertaking. This scholarship provides a wonderful step towards my 2020 graduation from the Teacher of the Visually Impaired program and my completion of my clear mild-moderate credential in May 2018."

Scholarship Recipients — Spring 2018

Chris Larsen Scholarship Fund

Allison Firestone

Anna Uribe-Vender

Carrie Centeno

Janeen Malatesta

Maria Bucon-Scales

Roam Romagnoli

Roger Kiel

Tabitha Conaway

Crumpton, Baxter, Bonham Memorial Scholarship

Allison Firestone

Ashley Waggle

Chynna Phillips

Harold Shields

Jared Riley

Kennette Hoke

Kevin Macpherson

Krystal Anderson

Lauren Ford

Maria Bucon-Scales

Dominic C. Nosenzo Special Education Scholarship

Adriana Lopez

Dorothy B. Lucas Special Education Scholarship

Corrine Aramburo

Eva Gildea Scholarship

Valerie-Ann Lucchetti

George Moscone Scholarship

Jared Riley

Karl Richard Lane Scholarship

Allison Firestone

Janeen Malatesta

Laura E. Settle Scholarship

Carrie Centeno

Mabel Whitehead Special Education Scholarship

Allison Firestone

Susan J. Cady Scholarship

Krystal Anderson

The Cahill Scholarship

Jannette Aguilera

Lauren Torres

Michelle Megia

Vicki Lin

Transfer Articulation Bridge (TAB)- Lend Lease Second Chance Scholarship

James Lowden

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Emeriti: Marci Hanson

Marci Hanson

Ph.D., Professor

Marci Hanson, Professor in Special Education, retired in June 2018 from the Department of Special Education. Dr. Hanson first began her appointment at San Francisco State University in 1979, becoming a tenure track faculty in 1982. Most recently, Dr. Hanson served as the SF State Director of the Joint Doctoral Program in Special Education with UC Berkeley. Over the course of her career, she developed the Early Childhood Special Education master’s degree, credential, certificate and leadership programs; served as founding member of the Marion Wright Edelman Institute at SF State and the Child and Adolescent Development Program (CAD); SF State Head Start Board of Directors; Director of San Francisco Special Infant Services Early Intervention Program; and Project Director and Principal Investigator on numerous grants and contracts, bringing in over $10 million in external funding over the years. Dr. Hanson’s primary research interests and grant activities have centered on inclusion in early childhood education, early social-emotional development, policy in early education, and early intervention for young children who are at risk and/or disabled. Dr. Hanson has published widely in the areas of early intervention, atypical infant development, family services, cross-cultural training, and personnel preparation. Her textbook with co-author Ellie Lynch, Developing Cross-Cultural Competence: A Guide for Working with Young Children and Their Families is widely used and in the 4th edition.

Emeriti: Nick Certo

Nicholas J. Certo

Former Professor and Chair of the Department of Special Education

Nick joined the Department of Special Education in 1992 and served as the Chair of the Department for twelve years, until retiring in 2012. He continued to serve the Department in the Faculty Early Retirement Program (FERP) for five years as the Intern Coordinator for Special Education Teachers and became a Professor Emeritus in June 2017. Throughout his career, Nick contributed to improved systems for inclusion of people with disabilities, specifically in the transition to adult living and meaningful employment. With his colleagues and students at the national and regional levels, Nick developed the Transition Services Integration Model, designed to achieve post high school employment for students with significant disabilities. As a Professor and Chair, Nick mentored many junior faculty to succeed in their academic careers and to learn the “ropes” of the RTP process. Always willing to share his understanding and knowledge of administration, he coached many faculty to understand program management, budgeting processes and program assessment in response to university and program accreditation requirements. However, Nick’s generosity and compassion were most expressed with students, as he placed students first and explored all avenues to assist each individual to navigate pathways to succeed in program completion. In May 2017, the Communicative Disorders Program dedicated the Speech and Language Clinic as the “The Nicholas J. Certo Communicative Disorders Clinic." Nick’s legacy continues in the Department and programs that he developed. He is deeply missed by his colleagues and friends in the Department, College and University.

 Remembering Nick Certo page

Emeriti: Sue Courey

Susan Courey

Ph.D., Professor

Susan Courey, Ph.D. became Professor Emeriti in June, 2017, retiring from San Francisco State University in the Department of Special Education. While at San Francisco State, Dr. Courey coordinated the Mild/Moderate Disabilities Program in the Department with Pamela LePage. Her teaching and research focused on Mathematics Education. With her colleague, Dr. Pamela LePage, Dr. Courey completed publications and teaching in the area of Autism Spectrum Disorders. While at SF State, Dr. Courey taught and mentored doctoral students in the Joint Ph.D. Program in Special Education with UC Berkeley. Her pioneering work in developing online teaching for preliminary credentialed teachers to complete their induction to become fully credentialed has continued and expanded to improve the program. Dr. Courey has continued her work in the field, and is currently the Department Chair of Early Childhood General and Special Education at the Touro Graduate School of Education in New York City. Dr. Courey continues work with colleagues and doctoral students on research projects in the areas of mathematics and learning challenges, mathematics and music, teacher preparation, and Universal Design for Learning. In addition to her scholarly endeavors, Dr. Courey is active in program improvement and course redesign at Touro.

Emeriti: Jacob Perea

Jacob Perea

Ph.D., Professor and Dean Emeritus

Jacob Perea served as Dean of the Graduate College of Education from 2000-2012, when he returned to teaching in the Department of Equity, Leadership and Instructional Technology. He retired and became Professor Emeriti in June, 2017.

Since beginning his teaching career at San Francisco State in 1975, Dr. Perea’s research, teaching and service to education has focused on social justice. In the surrounding community, Dr. Perea worked with school-age youth to encourage and to provide mentorship to enter college, developing the highly successful Step-to-College program 30 years ago. Step-to-College, located in San Francisco and San Mateo county high schools, continues to serve over 200 high school students annually who complete two college level courses at San Francisco State.

Until his retirement and beyond, Dr. Perea teaches undergraduate, credential, graduate-level, and high school courses. These classes are in the areas of cultural education, policy and implementation, bilingual education, policy and pedagogy, and general education.

His interests also include international education and he coordinated and worked with student teachers in a Chinese Language credential program as part of a collaboration with the Nanhai campus of South China Normal University, Guangzhou China. In addition, Dr. Perea is active in San Francisco Bay Area Latino and American Indian communities in the area of education and alcohol and drug abatement.


Our Faculty

Faculty in the Graduate College of Education are some of the nation’s leading scholars, innovators, and teachers. Their research pushes beyond traditional disciplinary boundaries to explore critical issues in educational policy, teaching and learning, community engagement, and advancing equity to meet societal needs. Our faculty are instrumental in helping our students develop their content knowledge, intellectual curiosity, and social awareness. Together, our faculty foster academic excellence and a desire to support their local and global communities.

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New GCOE Dean Named

Cynthia Grutzik has been appointed dean of SF State’s Graduate College of Education (GCOE), the University announced. She succeeds Interim Dean Nancy Robinson, who has served in the position since January 2017. Her appointment is effective August 1.

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