Learning Resources

The Cahill Learning Resources and Media Lab houses several book collections to be used as reference, research, and resources for students in the Graduate College of Education. These collections are hard to find elsewhere on campus, making the Cahill Lab an important center for educational materials. Along with a vast collection of textbooks, research, literature, and guidebooks, we provide an assortment of other materials that will help student teachers develop their individual teaching practices. We have an arts and crafts center, where anyone can use our supplies to create and practice art activities or borrow a set of classroom scissors, crayons, or glue. We also have animal hand puppets; mathematics manipulative kits; phonics, vocabulary, and spelling flashcards; and classroom Big-Books for children.

Cahill Lab - Student with books

Cahill Learning Resources and Media Lab Collections


Reading Language (English), Social Science (History), Mathematics, Science, Visual and Performing Arts, Health, World Languages

Childrens' Literature

General Fiction (Realistic Fiction, Historical Fiction, Fantasy, Science Fiction), General Non-Fiction (Biography,  Autobiography, Informational), Multicultural, Poetry

Test Assessments

Woodcock Johnson IV, Bilingual English-Spanish Assessment (BESA), Gray Oral Reading Tests 5 (GORT V), Qualitative Reading Inventory (QRI) - 6

Test Preparation Books


Education Theory Books

Social Justice & Equity, Adult Education, Child Development, Special Education, Communicative Disorders

Media Equipment

GoPros, Tripods, Wireless Lavaliers

Other Materials and Services

Puppets, Art Supplies, One-card Printing Station

Children and Teen Literature

Our collection offers a rich array of fiction and nonfiction literature, including picture books, fairy tales, biographies, poetry, diaries, historical narratives, and nature explorations. Complemented by grade-leveled readers aligned with the Reading, Literacy, and Language Arts Curriculum, our library also features children's Big Books for shared classroom reading experiences. Discover a wealth of multicultural fiction and nonfiction, highlighting diverse cultures and backgrounds. Many of these titles are bilingual, presenting stories in English alongside other languages such as Chinese, Spanish, Vietnamese, Tagalog, and beyond.

Kindergarten-Twelfth Grade Curriculum

Our comprehensive collection comprises teacher and student edition textbooks, practice books, and supplemental materials such as DVDs, CDs, transparencies, flashcards, manipulatives, posters, and charts. Aligned with curriculum adoptions from various local school districts including San Francisco Unified, Oakland Unified, South San Francisco Unified, San Mateo-Foster City, Brisbane, Jefferson Elementary, and Bayshore Elementary, our curriculum resources are curated to meet diverse educational needs. For a detailed overview of the curriculum titles and series available at the Cahill Lab, please refer to the accompanying PDF documents.

Education Theory

Our theory collection is a wonderful examination of educational thoughts and practices, and their histories. This section is a hidden gem among our collections, covering diverse topics concerning education: assessment, child development, adult education, multicultural classrooms, reading and literacy, social justice and equity, special education, and mathematics. The Lab's theory books are a great start for student teachers who are interested in researching the philosophies of teaching, learning, classroom organization, educational policy, and so much more.

Teacher Resources and Activities

This section is rich with activity books for subject-specific lesson planning. Student teachers will encounter guided activities for mathematics, art, drama; encyclopedias for Japanese-American or African-American histories; how to aid children's social development; and how to integrate culturally rich lesson plans.

GCOE Field Studies

We house up to five years of field studies written by the Graduate College of Education's students. They are shelved according to their department: ELSIT (formerly DAIS and ITEC), EED, SED, and SPED. Students can browse the field studies collection in our database, and read samples of field study abstracts. These materials are for reference only, and cannot be removed from the Lab. However, students are free to scan field study pages and create PDF versions at our computer stations for personal use.

Students studing in the Cahill Lab

How to Borrow Books

Before you can check out any materials, you must bring your San Francisco State University ID, and present it to a Cahill staff member at the front counter to complete your registration. When you have selected your books, bring them to the front counter and staff member will check them out for you. Some items are for in-lab reference only, and may not be borrowed from the Lab, so please ask for assistance if you are unsure

  • Check-outs are for one week only, and must be either returned or renewed.
  • To renew your materials, call the Cahill Lab at 415-338-3423.
  • Returning items may be given to a staff member at the front counter, or through the Book Depository located in the hallway beside BH 319.
  • In the event of overdue items, the Cahill Lab will contact you through email first.
  • If overdue items are not returned, the Cahill Lab will notify your department advisors and instructors.


Faculty are more than welcome to schedule time and space in the Cahill Lab for their student teachers to explore our collections. These are great events for student teachers to critically examine the curriculum and resources here, and utilize what they find in their developing units and lesson plans.


For PDF files, you'll need Adobe Acrobat 5.0 or above to view it. If you need Adobe Acrobat Reader it's available free from Adobe.