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Cynthia Grutzik - GCOE Dean
Cynthia Grutzik, Ph.D.
Doris Flowers - GCOE Interim Associate Dean
Doris Flowers, Ph.D.
Interim Associate Dean

Colleagues, Students, Families, and Community Partners —

Welcome to our Graduate College of Education web page. Here you'll find information about every GCOE program, and about information sessions and events, news stories, how to apply, and how to contact us by phone, email, or social media. We want you to have a good experience as you navigate our College, starting with your moments here on the website.

Connect with us for your future – we're ready to connect with you.

Let me also share what our College is about. We are a teaching-learning community providing excellent teachers, leaders, and clinicians for our local districts. We prepare teachers who fully understand their students, from their backgrounds and cultures to their needs and possibilities. The lens we are always shaping and examining together is that of social justice, inclusion, and culturally responsive pedagogy. This is what it takes to create a democracy that is truly for all.

Our approach is intentionally place-based, and San Francisco State is the City's University. Being an educator in San Francisco and the Bay Area means being part of a community that is vibrant, high-tech, innovative, and diverse. It also means being a professional determined to make things better, to stay engaged for the long haul, and to keep learning and growing within this uniquely challenged and historically significant region.

We in the GCOE believe that good teaching and learning starts with us. When we create and model an excellent learning experience here, our graduates will know how to take that with them to their schools and clinics. The GCOE should operate as well as the best K-12 schools do. So we are focused on our students, on offering model pedagogy, on our institutional health and viability, on creating professional and effective learning spaces, on faculty and staff development, on serving the community in the Bay Area, and on our visibility for outreach and recruitment. As part of the ecosystem of the university, we have a key role to play in student success.

Thank you for joining us.

Results of the past 5 years for Annual Title II reporting can be found at the following link: