About the Graduate College of Education

Cynthia Grutzik - GCOE Interim Dean
Cynthia Grutzik, Ph.D.
Rob Williams - GCOE Associate Dean
Robert A. Williams, Ph.D.
Associate Dean

Welcome to the Graduate College of Education website. Our college has a proud tradition of building on the legacy of San Francisco State University, started as a Normal School for Teachers in 1899. From those beginnings, we have developed programs that provide multiple pathways for future educators to serve people across the life-span for life-long learning. We offer a full spectrum of career paths that include programs for undergraduate students to prepare for becoming a teacher, speech-language pathologist, audiologists and more. At the post-baccalaureate and graduate level, we offer credential programs for future teachers in special education, elementary and high-school; and school administration settings. Our master’s programs include the Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology, Master of Arts in Special Education, and Master of Arts in Education with many specialized areas. We also offer two doctoral programs, the Educational Doctorate and Joint Ph.D. with UC Berkeley in Special Education. You can learn more about each of these programs through exploring the website.

As you will find, the Graduate College of Education is founded on the principles of equity and social justice and our programs across undergraduate through graduate levels are designed to prepare educator leaders to provide inclusive education for all learners with a Universal Design for Learning (UDL) framework. Currently, our college community with all faculty and staff are working toward targeted initiatives that are embraced by our mission, below, that include:

  • 1. Recruitment and Enrollment
  • 2. Building Learning Communities
  • 3. Curriculum Innovations
  • 4. Leadership Development in Education

You will find contact information for our faculty and staff in the following pages. Students are welcome to visit the The Education Advising Community Hub in Burk Hall 311, open to all students seeking information and resources for careers in education.

Results of the past 5 years for Annual Title II reporting can be found at the following link: