Message from the Dean

Welcome to the Graduate College of Education (GCOE). I am excited that you are here to explore our programs, to pursue your dreams of being an educator, and to join our professional community.

This is an important time to be an educator, and our commitments have more urgency than before. Children and families need the care, consistency, and professional expertise that teachers and specialists provide every day. Schools and districts need the vision, encouragement, and tenacity that leaders provide. And together we must push aside the conflicts that are brought against our work and our profession, so we can focus on students’ right to learn their histories, help them grow in knowledge and skill, and together create strong communities.

We are proud to be one of the largest providers of teachers, clinicians, and leaders for the Bay Area. Our GCOE programs are highly relevant and even essential. We are fully accredited by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing, we are cutting-edge in our curriculum, and we are deeply connected with our regional districts as we provide them with the educators they need. Our faculty are excellent teachers and scholars with extensive experience and a heart for their work. We are here to make change for good – join us.


Dr. Cynthia F. Grutzik
Dean, Graduate College of Education

Dean Cynthia Grutzik