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The Education Advising Community Hub (TEACH) supports students with the necessary resources to navigate through pathways that lead towards entering the field of education. TEACH aims to be a community for students to request information about teaching credential programs and graduate programs in education.

The Elementary Teacher Preparation Plan (E-TPP) is a curricular advising pathway for Child and Adolescent Development and Liberal Studies majors who are interested in becoming Elementary School teachers. E-TPP provides a clear course plan that fulfills the Elementary Subject Matter waiver (ESMR) for students in the pathway.

Cahill Learning Resources and Media Lab

The Cahill Learning Resources and Media Lab, more popularly known as the Cahill Lab, is a learning community space for current and future credential students in the Graduate College of Education. We house a comprehensive collection of K-12 instructional resources and materials, including teacher’s curriculum, curriculum kits and manipulatives, children’s literature, test assessments, test preparation books, education theory books, and more. In addition to our learning resources, the Cahill Lab holds media equipment and provides technical support to credential students who are completing their edTPA requirements, a performance-based assessment for California Teachers.

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Credential & Graduate Services

The Credential and Graduate Services Center (CGSC) in the Graduate College of Education provides a one-stop shop for all inquiries about credential program application requirements and procedures and information about applying for or renewing teaching and services credentials. The CGSC also assists the candidates in the Graduate College of Education in submitting documents for the award of master's degrees and applying for scholarships.

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