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These PDF packets describe the process and contain the forms needed to apply for admission to a credential program.

Master's Only Programs

The Early Childhood Education MA provides educators with advanced knowledge and training in research, theory, and practice for working with children and families in multicultural and multilingual early childhood settings.  The program attracts both local and international early childhood educators committed to social and educational change in the field. Special emphasis is placed on teacher inquiry, documentation, and reflection as a foundation for transformative early childhood education.  Veteran faculty members provide engaging courses, frequent mentoring, and research opportunities.  Late afternoon and evening courses with a mix of in-person and online class sessions.  Courses taken for this program can qualify for Teacher and Administrator levels of the California Child Development Matrix.  Special education certificate also available.

For additional master's program and application information please visit the Early Childhood Education program page.

Our Master of Arts programs provide a thorough grounding in current educational research and theories, innovative teaching practices, and guided field experiences in diverse schools. We support teachers at all levels of their careers to create more equitable teaching and learning environments for their students.

For additional master's program and application information please visit the Elementary Education Programs page.

ELSIT is a complex and highly interdisciplinary department with an array of exciting programs, faculty, and students, ranging from challenging graduate programs to community outreach programs for underserved populations that bring in high school students and community members for their first undergraduate experience.

For additional master's program and application information please visit the ELSIT Programs page.

The purpose of the Master of Arts program with a concentration in Secondary Education is to support beginning teachers in developing and reflecting on their practice in relation to recent and continuing research on teaching and learning in their subject areas. Also offered is the MA in Mathematics Education program which is to promote and support teacher-leaders to be knowledgeable both in mathematics content and in the use of pedagogical practices that enable all students to learn mathematics.

For additional master's program and application information please visit the Secondary Education Programs page.

The Master of Arts (MA) in Special Education is a professional degree that emphasizes research and leadership skills in an individually designed program within an area of emphasis in the field of special education. The degree prepares professionals for employment in schools and other public and private agencies serving people with disabilities of all ages. Emphasis areas within the department provide students with an opportunity to learn from, and participate in, on-going research, demonstration, training, and clinical projects conducted by faculty.

For additional master's program and application information please visit the Special Education Programs page.

The Communicative Disorders MS includes the Speech-Language Pathology Services Credential. The speech-language pathology curriculum is designed to train competent, culturally sensitive speech-language pathologists who can appreciate and understand the importance of research in clinical practice. In order to accomplish this goal, a multitude of academic and clinical experiences are provided to the students, under the direction of skilled instructors, clinical researchers and supervisors both on and off campus. The development of clinical skills requires academic knowledge, the ability to understand and engage in research, and a sensitivity to clients' needs, values and cultures.

For additional master's program and application information please visit the Speech Language and Hearing Sciences Programs page.

Doctoral Programs

The SF State doctoral program in Educational Leadership provides a unique, challenging, nurturing, and transformative experience, preparing students to carry the work of leadership, social justice, and equity into their work and beyond. The San Francisco State Ed.D. program is focused on both P-12 and higher education. Our accelerated three-year timeline and weekend class schedule make this an excellent program for practitioners currently working in the field and looking to take their career to the next level.

For additional doctoral program and application information please visit the Ed.D. Education Leadership website.

San Francisco State University (Graduate College Of Education) and the University Of California, Berkeley (Graduate School Of Education) jointly offer a PH.D. program in Special Education. The program is aimed at preparing high level leaders in research, teaching, administration, and supervision for the variety of professional needs facing children, youth, and adults with disabilities. It integrates the resources of the University of California, Berkeley and San Francisco State University and provides an opportunity for students to combine theoretical interests with applied practices in a broad spectrum of specializations within Special Education.

For additional doctoral program and application information please visit Joint Doctoral in Special Education page.

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