Ali Borjian

Ali Borjian

( He/Him/His )
Elementary Education (EED)
Phone: (415) 338-1838

Homayoun Ali Borjian received his Ph.D. in Language, Literacy and Policy from Stanford University. Professor Borjian is a Fulbright scholar and has conducted national and international research on issues that impact teachers. His research interests include teacher education and contexts of learning for immigrant children and youth. Dr. Borjian’s most recent research project chronicles the experiences of teachers who have developed the willingness to explore the root causes of social inequalities and take action to bring about positive changes in their communities. Dr. Borjian taught elementary school children in the central coast of California prior to his appointment at San Francisco State University.

Educational Background

  • Ph.D. in Language, Learning and Policy (Stanford University)

Selected Peer- Reviewed Publications

Recent Journal Articles

  • Borjian, A. (2023).  Standing Up for a Cause: Stories of Culturally Responsive Teachers Working in Rural Communities, Serie de Comunicación Social:, In Ruiz Miyares L., Muñoz Alvarado A., y Álvarez Silva M. R., (eds.), Comunicación Social: Retos y Perspectivas, pp. 239- 242, Santiago de Cuba: Ediciones Centro de Lingüística Aplicada, ISBN: 978-959-7174-41-7.
  • Borjian, A. (2018). Academically Successful Latino Undocumented Students in College: Resilience and Civic Engagement. Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Sciences, Volume 40, Issue 1, Pages 22-36.
  • Borjian, A. (2016). Educational Resilience of an Undocumented Immigrant Student: Educators as Bridge Makers. CATESOL Journal, Volume 28, Issue 2, Pages 121-140.
  • Borjian, A., Muñoz de Cote, L. M., van Dijk, S., Houde, P. (2016). Transnational Children in Mexico: Context of Migration and Adaptation, Diaspora, Indigenous, and Minority Education, Volume 10, Issue 1, Pages 42-54. DOI: 10.1080/15595692.2015.1084920
  • Borjian, A. (2015). Learning English in Mexico: Perspectives from Mexican Teachers of English. CATESOL Journal, Volume 27, Issue 1, Pages 163-173.
  • Borjian, A. & Padilla A. (2010). Voices from Mexico: How U.S. teachers can meet the needs of immigrant students. The Urban Review, Volume 42, Issue 4, Pages 316-328.

Recent Book Chapters

  • Borjian, A. (2015). Learning About Undocumented Students: Methodological and Practical Implications. In M. Lengeling and I. Mora Pablo (Eds.), Perspectives on Qualitative Research: Selection of articles from the Fifth International Qualitative Conference (pp. 469-485). Mexico: University of Guanajuato Press.
  • Borjian, A. (2015).  Linguistic Rights and the Realities of Transnational Students. Comunicación Social: Retos y Perspectivas, In Ruiz Miyares L., Muñoz Alvarado A., Álvarez Silva M. R., Pérez Joa Y. y Daileen Jackson Rodríguez (eds.), Comunicación Social: Retos y Perspectivas, pp. 31-33, Santiago de Cuba: Ediciones Centro de Lingüística Aplicada, ISBN: 978-959-7174-30-1.
  • Borjian, A. (2013).  Three Stories from the City: Interpretations and Analysis of Teaching and Learning, In M. Lengeling, I. Mora Pablo, & J. A. Shanahan (Eds.), Qualitative Research and Interpretation: Selection of articles from the Third International Qualitative Conference(pp. 325-349). Mexico: University of Guanajuato Press.

Courses Taught


  • EED 701 Historical Foundations of Education
  • EED 737 Social Studies in Elemntary Classrooms
  • EED 749 Second Language Acquisition
  • EED 783 Learning Theories
  • EED 882 K-12 Literacy


  • EED 720 Research Practices in Language and Literacy
  • EED 763 Technology in Education
  • EED 869 Developing Reading and Writing


  • EDDL 920 Developing Academic Skills for ELLs

Current Projects

  • Binational Research Between Mexican and U.S. Educators
  • Academically Successful Undocumented College Students: Cases of Resilience
  • Developing Culturally Responsive Teachers
  • Impact of Parents’ Deportation on Children
  • Bilingual Mexican Teachers